Chad Evans

Graduate Student  -  Sociology and Statistics  -  University of Pennsylvania

email  -  office 280 McNeil Building -  phone 215.584.6986

2017     Evans, Chad, and Malin, J..  The Relationship Between Magnet Status and Neighborhood Home Values in Chicago.  Journal of Education Finance.

2017     (accepted, minor revisions) Yoon, Susan, Anderson et al.  Validating A Model for Assessing Science Teacher's Adaptive Expertise with Computer-Supported Complex Systems Curricula and Its Relationship to Student Learning Outcomes. Journal of Science Teacher Education.  

2017  Yoon, Susan, Anderson, E., Koehler-Yom, J., Evans, C., Park, M. Sheldon, J., Schoenfeld, I., Wendel, D. Scheintaub, H. and Klopfer, E., Teaching About Complex Systems Is No Simple Matter: Building Effective Professional Development for Computer-Supported Complex Systems Instruction. Instructional Science. 45(1), 99–121.

2016     Yoon, Susan, Klopfer, E., Anderson, E., Koehler-Yom, J., Sheldon, J., Schoenfeld, I., Wendel, D., Scheintaub, H., Oztok, M., Evans, C., and Goh, S., Designing Computer-Supported Complex Systems Curricula for the Next Generation Science Standards in High School Science Classrooms.  Systems.

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2014     Perna, Laura, Ruby A., Boruch, R., Wang, N., Scull, J., Ahmad, S. and Evans, C., Moving Through MOOCs: Understanding the Progression of Users in Massive Open Online Courses.  Educational Researcher.