Chad Evans

Graduate Student  -  Sociology and Statistics  -  University of Pennsylvania

email  -  office 280 McNeil Building -  phone 215.584.6986

Methods Coursework:

Data Analysis/Quantitative Methods

Experimental Design

Linear/Log-linear Regression

Structural Equation Models (EFA, CFA)

Mixed/Hierarchical Models/Long. Analysis

Applied Econometrics

Machine Learning (Neural Networks, SVM, Random Forests, SGB)

Classification/Cluster Analysis

Nonparametric Analysis

Sample Survey Methods

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Programming Languages, etc.

Programming Experience:

Although not a computer scientist, I have considerable computer programming experience.  My language of choice is R, thanks to its applicability and wide-spread use in statistics.  Closely related to the S language, R integrates programs for linear and nonlinear modelling, statistical tests, time-series/panel analysis, classification, clustering, and graphics.  It also contains extensive tools for data munging and machine learning.  I also have experience with Python.  Check out my scripts on github!