Chad Evans

Graduate Student  -  Sociology and Statistics  -  University of Pennsylvania

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How are home values related to school typology?

Earlier research has shown that closed enrollment regimes are linked to the capitalization of neighborhood home values around high quality public schools.  In other words, parents are willing to pay 2-5% more for a home that gives their children the right to enroll in a good public school.  In a project with Dr. Joel Malin at Miami University, we examine whether school typology may be capitalized into neighborhood home values similar to the way school quality is.  Our focus is on magnet schools, which are a widely sought-after option by parents in urban areas.  We test our hypotheses using housing and school data from the city of Chicago.  We find that traditional magnet schools are linked to higher home values, despite the fact that they typically feature open enrollment regimes.  This relationship, however, is attenuated once measures of school quality are factored in.

Chicago Elementary Schools 2013-2014