Chad Evans

Graduate Student  -  Sociology and Statistics  -  University of Pennsylvania

email  -  office 280 McNeil Building -  phone 215.584.6986


I am pursuing advanced degrees in sociology and statistics at the University of Pennsylvania.  My graduate work spans many topics, including education, health, and housing.  I employ traditional statistical techniques like closed-form regression, but also have experience using the iterative methods necessary for "big data."

As a predoctoral fellow with the Institute for Educational Sciences, my dissertation examines the trends and experiences of non-tenure track faculty in American colleges and universities.  This dissertation, "Beginning Off-track: Career Patterns of Aspiring Academics," is being written under the direction of Paul Allison.  My committee also includes Frank Furstenberg and Jerry Jacobs.  

My work also includes collaboration with researchers at the Penn Graduate School of Education and MIT to examine whether basic computer programming may help high schoolers learn complex biology topics.  This project, BioGraph, provides strong empirical support for the wider use of computer programming in high school science curriculum.  Play some of the innovative biology games here.

In the interest of reproducible research, all my programming scripts are freely available on github.  Whenever possible, I have provided the data as well.